Condo Board Basics - Online Training Course

Every condo association relies on their Board of Directors to lead and manage the association to the best of their ability. Recent events such as the Surfside Condo collapse in Miami, Florida have also highlighted a boards' fiduciary duty and potential liability on a personal level. The good news is that with some basic understand of a board's roles and responsibilities, it's easy to stay on course and ensure you're fulfilling your duty to the association.

Our 45-minute online course addresses the most commonly asked questions from new board members, along with interviews and input from association attournies, property managers, and accountants.

Content Covered in Our Course

  1. Board Roles and Responsibilities
  2. Your Fiduciary Duty as a Board Member
  3. Effective Board Meeting Formats
  4. Annual Budgets
  5. Property Management Options

Due to popular demand, we are re-producing a new and improved online course to cover the topics above, along with several new sections based on the feedback of existing customers. To be notified when this course launches, please send an email to As a thank you for your patience, you'll receive 50% off your purchase.